Why do people suffer?

We suffer because things do not happen the way we want. Why does this happen?

Generally, people fail to understand what they are paying for. They wonder that if they have not committed any sin, why they are suffering. There do not seem to be any answers.

These answers can be found through astrology. Astrology is a study which basically gives us a direction to the course of our lives through the study of planets, their movements in the constellations, their combinations and their effects on us. We can know the cause of our suffering – the mistakes of past life and present life.

For example, as you will learn later in the course, when we criticize other people, we damage the fifth house from the house sun is situated in, in our horoscope.

There is a substantial number of people who are involved in practices which are not rightful. Years go on, and no problem seems to affect their lives. So we wonder, what is the point of leading a life in a rightful manner, if the corrupt and evil people are never punished. But they pay for what they do, without a doubt. We just don’t know when and how they will pay back. Astrology can beautifully reveal that. For example our karmas have a direct effect on our children. We make them pay for our sins without being aware of it.

It is possible that we choose a path of life for which we are not destined. This is surely going to cause us a lot of pain. For example, many school going children have no idea about what career they should choose. A majority of them will choose what their parents decide for them. An artistic person may be forced to study science. A scientific mind who should go for research may be forced to learn accounts. A person with no chance of being in an administrative position in life can be forced to appear in administrative services exams. This is certainly going to cause suffering and unhappiness.

Astrology can tell us everything about our strengths, weaknesses and hurdles. Astrology makes us aware of our karmic path. It guides us in directly relating our present with the karmic patterns of our lives. When we come to know of our karmic paths, we become aware of the remedies that we can apply which can affect us as early as instantaneously.
This truly manifests the saying, “Pain is mandatory, but suffering is optional”.