Myths about astrology.

Why do we shirk away from astrology? Why do we usually say, “I don’t believe in astrology”? Is it because our experience with some astrologers might have been not good?

Is it because you have seen it being associated with religion and mundane rituals?

Astrology has been called ‘zero-science’ or ‘pseudoscience’. Usually the astrology columns in newspapers or websites are indeed highly generic and the predictions are non-specific and vague. So, people tend to think that to be the beginning and end of astrology.

Some believe that it is for purpose of entertainment. Some believe that we are attracted to it because it tells us what we want to hear. It can have a bad effect on us because we could take major life decisions based on what we glean from our horoscope and stop making efforts in those areas of life which we believe are not meant for us.

But, if you have seriously studied and understood your horoscope and have known your weaknesses and strengths, will it not save you from those efforts which will not give you any positive result? You may even discover those facts about yourselves that you were unaware of on the conscious level.

Just like any other field of science, astrology also is a field of science with a huge repository of knowledge about the astronomical effects on us. Learning and perfecting it takes constant effort. One needs to learn each day and keep on researching endlessly. George Bernard Shaw has said, “Beware of false knowledge, it is more dangerous than ignorance”. Just like doing a scientific experiment with half knowledge can be disastrous, so can be an astrological prediction done with half knowledge.

It is like going to a quack for your operation and blaming medical science for his incompetence. You know that if you will get operated by an expert, there are huge chances of your recovery, because the expert has good knowledge, he practices and researches and reads and enhances his knowledge daily. Same applies for an astrologer. Most importantly, astrology is not for prediction, it is for correction.