Why should we learn Astrology?

The most important reason to learn the metaphysics called astrology is to know ourselves thoroughly. Self knowledge is the ultimate power. As Dr Samir Tripathi always says that we do not learn astrology for prediction, but for correcting our path of life, it is true that it is a blessing if we know ourselves correctly.

Have you tried to understand why we behave in a particular way, or repeat some negative behaviour of ours? Have you ever got frustrated in the process of doing something and not getting any result, where your energy could have been directed elsewhere? This is part of life, and only natural. But what if you had all the information sooner than later? You could have saved time and used the information to speed up the process of self-growth and navigate through the difficult turns of life in an easier way. The existential pains would always be there, the difficulties and traumas would always be there, but we would be prepared, know the remedies and thus lessen the pain and even avert them.

It is the metaphysics which can explain every event or situation of our lives without exception. It concerns with the study of movements of heavenly bodies and their effect on our bodies and minds. Our Solar System is like a small needle kept in a hall when compared to just the Milky Way. Just like the Milky Way of which we are a part, there are numerous other Milky Ways. Earth received light not only from Sun but from infinite number of stars.

Sun has the maximum effect on Earth, followed by Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn. A particular planet may have its effect on a particular area of the Earth, and its effect can be seen in that area. The North and South poles have constant effect on the Earth and Earth itself has a gravitational force of attraction. Effect of Moon and Sun can be clearly seen on tides. Similarly, Full Moon, New Moon, Solar Eclipses, Lunar Eclipses etc. have their effects on Earth.

Just like Moon effects sea water and creates high and low tides, it effects the water present inside our bodies also. Effect on water inside our bodies has a direct impact on our minds. Just like different planets have different effects on different areas of Earth, they have different effects on different individuals too.

So why not study something about our own self? Why not reveal the mysteries of our lives?