Why do people suffer?

We suffer because things do not happen the way we want. Why does this happen?

Generally, people fail to understand what they are paying for. They wonder that if they have not committed any sin, why they are suffering. There do not seem to be any answers. Know More

Myths about astrology

Why do we shirk away from astrology? Why do we usually say, “I don’t believe in astrology”? Is it because our experience with some astrologers might have been not good?
Is it because you have seen it being associated with religion and mundane rituals? Know More

Why should we learn astrology?

The most important reason to learn the metaphysics called astrology is to know ourselves thoroughly. Self knowledge is the ultimate power. As Dr Samir Tripathi always says that we do not learn astrology for prediction, but for correcting our path of life, it is true that it is a blessing if we know ourselves correctly. Know More

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